Signs of childhood neglect
April 6, 2023

Signs of Childhood Neglect can show up in many forms.

Some of the common traits to look out for include:


• Having a silent and invisible experience in their childhood home.

• Feelings of emptiness and not understanding why and/or what to call it.

• Belief that children are not seen or heard.


• If left unresolved, the neglected child grows up into an adult who has difficultly asking for what they want/need.

• Feel like a burden if they have needs.

• Overly self-reliant, but in turn get easily overlooked.

• Learn to ignore one’s feelings

• Won’t see current abuse or being treated poorly for what it is

• Can attract emotionally unavailable people into their life, as that’s what is familiar.


The inner child parts of you do not need to stay stuck in this repetition of trauma.

When you start to really look at the reality of what you grew up in from a curious stance and see what was missing was NOT your doing, you can start to look at your childhood with clearer eyes. This is when the healing can begin. Seeing the neglected parts of yourself is key so that you can learn to give them what they didn’t have in the past.

Healing is possible

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