Going No Contact
March 17, 2023

Going “No Contact”

Going “no contact” or deciding to put distance with family is not an easy task. So many of my clients feel judged or are made to feel shameful for this decision.

Instead of judging someone for making this choice, it may be helpful to reflect on what would make someone take that step. There is always a reason.

Going “no contact” is typically a very painful process,

usually after a really long time of trying to set boundaries. When boundaries are not honored, it is very challenging to still allow that form of treatment to continue.

If you are someone who has had to set these boundaries with your family, this does not make you a bad or selfish person. You shouldn’t be forced into toxic relationships. Period.

If you are someone considering this option, know that you may get backlash, but the fear and anxiety around this with subside when you see how much more peaceful you feel.

Healing is possible 💜

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