●Growing up, you felt like a little adult, making sure you helped your parents, never giving them any trouble

➡️Leads to a child accepting any emotional scraps they were given

➡️Leads to a Hyper-independent adult who doesn’t rely on others for any type of help

●Question if your natural desire to feel loved feels “selfish”

●Struggles with self confidence; surprised that others could be interested in you and what you have to offer

●Feeling shame or discomfort for desiring comfort

●Growing up with emotionally immature parents can be an incredibly lonely experience.

➡️These parents tend to be physically present, (meaning that they can take care of the child’s physical needs, feed them, provide food, clothing, etc.). However, the emotional connection is desperately lacking with their children.

♡Healing happens when you are able to start to working on seeing your parents clearly. This is not to place judgement on them, but instead to see them objectively.

♡Healing happens when you see that their emotional immaturity has nothing to do with YOU, but more with their unhealed wounds.

♡Healing is possible.