If you are living with traumatic events from your past, ranging from insult, abuse, humiliation, violence, attachment wounds, or even subtle disappointments, therapy could be a safe space to address these injuries. Through a collaborative approach and taking into account the mind & body, we join our clients on a journey of exploration, growth, and healing. We can assist you in reconnecting with yourself, feeling grounded, and managing your life more smoothly.

We become traumatized when our capacity to respond to a perceived threat is in some way overwhelmed. Trauma impairs our ability to connect- to ourselves, to our bodies, to others, and to the world. Trauma is stored in the body. This is why body-oriented therapies, such as EMDR, the Trauma Resiliency Module (TRM), and Brainspotting are healing for trauma. Feel free to ask more about these treatments.

Examples of Trauma can include:

Symptoms of trauma can include:

Other symptoms can also show up later if the trauma has not been dealt with, like: