Trauma anniversary dates
May 26, 2023

Trauma Anniversary Dates

On the anniversary of traumatic dates, many survivors feel an increase in distress.

Old ways of coping may resurface as a form of a memory, of how you once survived.

Triggers that come out of no where are very common around these times.

With the upcoming holidays around the corner, it is important to keep in mind that many survivors have anniversary dates during this time of year. Reminders of chaotic and/or traumatic family gathering may bring up unsettling feelings, thoughts, or memories. This can lead potentially to feelings of panic/anxiety, depression, nightmares, irritability, difficulty sleeping etc. Many survivors feel like they revert back to old symptoms and reminders of how things were “back then.”

I’m here to tell you that these anniversary dates and your reactions to them do NOT take away from the healing you have made. This doesn’t take away from your progress, it is just another reminder of what once was. It can also be a form of protection from similar pain.

You can prepare for these anniversary dates by:

• Make a plan

• Come up with a list of coping skills

• Schedule self care activities intentionally

• Tap into your support system

• Remind parts of yourself that you have already survived

• Practice self compassion towards yourself

Healing is possible ????

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