Symptoms of C-PTSD
October 31, 2023

Symptoms of C-PTSD:

Difficulty managing emotions

  1. Heightened emotional reactivity
  2. Self-destructive behaviors
  3. Dissociation when overwhelmed
  4. Explosive anger
  5. Persistent sadness

Negative Self-View

  1. Feelings of guilt and shame
  2. Feelings of not fitting in, not belonging
  3. Chronic Feelings of worthlessness

Interpersonal Difficulties

  1. Challenges in keeping relationships
  2. Avoidance of getting close to people
  3. Difficulties in trust
  4. Repetition of unhealthy relationships that feel “familiar”


  1. Having amnesia of one’s childhood
  2. Feeling disconnected from the self
  3. Depersonalization/Derealization
  4. Dissociative Identity Disorder

Somatic Symptoms

  1. Symptoms of chronic fatigue
  2. Medically unexplained symptoms
  3. GI issues, IBS
  4. Pain in the body

If you or a loved one identify with the symptoms of C-PTSD, please know that healing is absolutely possible.

Feel free to reach out with any questions about how Trauma Therapy can help! Knowing the signs is the first step in the healing journey!

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